In May of 2020, Tyler van der Hoeven wrote a proposal for an experimental Stellar ecosystem smart contract engine called TSS (Turing Signing Servers). At Script3, we had been looking into building DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols on Stellar for a while, so we immediately got involved with the project. Once TSS became more of a reality, we partnered with SDF and JST Capital to create Project Venus, a DeFi FX short-term forwards protocol, as a proof of concept for TSS-based DeFi protocols.

TSS Overview

TSS is a network of servers (called turrets) that store smart contracts and will build and sign transactions…

This blog post covers some of our protocol design choices that maximize YieldBlox’s capital efficiency. Capital efficiency is crucial to any DeFi protocol as it’s directly related to the value the protocol creates. In the case of lending protocols like YieldBlox, higher capital efficiency allows protocols to maximize the interest rates that lenders receive while minimizing borrowers’ interest rates.

Breaking Down Capital Efficiency in DeFi

Traditionally, capital efficiency measures how well a company utilizes assets to generate profits. Due to the liquidity of the DeFi ecosystem and the efficiency of the demand-based interest rate model, capital efficiency in DeFi is a measurement of how well a…

We want to touch on why we chose to build our DeFi protocols on Stellar. As a base network, Stellar excels in network efficiency, capital efficiency, asset flexibility, and decentralized consensus (this last point seems obvious, but we’ll expand on it more later). On top of all that, Stellar’s layer 2 TSS(Turing Signing Server) solution is pretty close to an ideal decentralized smart contract engine. Finally, we felt like Script3’s DeFi protocols would provide significant value in the Stellar Ecosystem.

Network Efficiency on Stellar

Stellar is well known as one of the most efficient blockchains in the space. Performing an operation on Stellar currently…

Stellar Seed Fund Finals

We’re proud to announce that OptionBlox/YieldBlox have made it into the finals of the Stellar Seed Fund! This means we’ll now be competing with 7 other businesses building on Stellar to receive a portion of the Seed Fund Pool.

You can view our Seed Fund Submission here:

You can engage with us and ask questions in any of our community channels:

Governance Token Tokenomics

If you’ve had a chance to check out our docs pages ( |, you’ll know that both OptionBlox and YieldBlox use a governance token governance model. Protocol users receive governance tokens for using…

DeFi on Stellar

Building DeFi(Decentralized Finance) protocols on Stellar recently became possible with the introduction of the Stellar Development Foundation’s TSS(Turing Signing Server) Protocol. We won’t delve too deeply into the TSS solution in this article. Suffice to say, it enables on-ledger Turing complete smart contracts by using Stellar’s multisig capability to allow an off-chain server network to build and sign Stellar transactions. Transactions are built and signed according to terms specified in uploaded smart contracts called txFunctions. This solution results in an incredibly flexible smart contract engine that can enable any number of applications.


Script3 (the team behind OptionBlox) is excited to…


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