Introducing YieldBlox — A Stellar-Based DeFi Lending Protocol

DeFi on Stellar


Why We’re Building YieldBlox

Accessible, Efficient Yield Generation

Ethereum-based protocol lending fees vs YieldBlox lending fees

Stellar Network Liquidity

Furthermore, YieldBlox increases payment liquidity by allowing anchors and other payment businesses to settle payments instantly without depending on immediate market liquidity. An anchor could use YieldBlox to borrow and immediately pay out a user’s requested payment while waiting for the user’s incoming payment to process. Once the user’s payment is received, the anchor can use it to repay their loan. YieldBlox thus enables instant payment settlement that is not dependent on large capital reserves or market liquidity. Overall, YieldBlox improves the Stellar network’s capital utilization, which is instrumental in improving both DEX and payment liquidity.

Protocol Overview



Interest Rates

Governance Model

What’s Next

Seed Fund Submission



Contact Us:

Keybase: markus_obx



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